About Us

Akal Kurumsal AS has started business in 2003 alongside our Mining and Industry group. By improving its fields of activity in 2007, Akal Kurumsal AS has become one of the sought-after names in the industrial cleaning machines sector.

Our companies are operating in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition to the sales and distribution of industrial cleaning machines to points such as factories, hotels, hospitals, plazas, public institutions, and organizations, starting from 2011, our Company has started to export Rottest brand industrial pressure washers abroad.

Thanks to our wide product and solution portfolio, we produce customized answers for all the needs of companies from many different sectors. With a rich product range, wide and strong distribution network, and dynamic team, our major business principle is mainly focused on total customer satisfaction.

Rottest industrial pressure washers takes shape in a wide range of cold, hot cold, electrically heated, and field type models.

In this way, Rottest industrial pressure washers can meet the special needs of companies in many different sectors with high performance and low acquisition costs.

Thanks to our superior Rottest pump, these machines, which can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; are built to serve for many years without requiring service and maintenance even under the most severe conditions of use.

Akal Kurumsal AS; which produces special solutions for all kinds of industrial pressure washing machine needs, continues to operate with its well trained staff, wide product range and its energy renewed every day.