Foam Tank 500lt

500 liter foam spray tank is used to prevent dust, mud, etc. on the outer surface of vehicles and devices such as cars, trucks and heavy construction equipment. It is used to clean the layers by foaming without using a brush.

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Foam and liquid spray tanks are produced to effectively clean dust, mud and other dirt that may occur on the outer surfaces of vehicles and machines such as Cars, Trucks and Construction Machinery without using a brush. These machines, which enable cleaning with foam instead of brush, provide both a more effective cleaning performance, and the outer surfaces and paints of the tools and machines do not wear out because brushes are not used.

Thanks to the brushless foam tank with regulator controlled operation between 4 bar – 6 bar; The chemical in it is mixed with air and sprayed out in the form of foam.

Pressure Level: 3-6 Bar
Capacity: 500 Liter
Duty: Foam / Liquid
Regulator: Yes
Drain Plug: Yes
Hose Length: 8 meters
Hose Thickness: 8 mm