Rottest ST 1060 C Hot & Cold Pressure Washer

Rottest ST 1060 C is a 150 bar triggerless pressure washer. It outputs 660 lt / hour flow rate and produces 4 hp power.

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Rottest ST 1060 C is a 150 bar triggerless pressure washer. This hot & cold pressure washing machine is produced with a high performance Rottest Pump to meet different washing needs.

Rottest diesel heated hot water washing machines pay off within a year compared to similar products sold in the market with the fuel savings they provide. With its 30 liter large tank capacity and low fuel consumption, long-term and economical cleaning can be performed.

Rottest ST 1060 C works with 660 lt / hour flow rate and produces 150 bar pressure and 4 hp power. The water temperature can be adjusted between 30 and 140 degrees. Its gross weight is 160 kg.

Products suitable for working under the harshest conditions have gained great appreciation from consumers. High pressure pumps are produced with ceramic pistons and are directly coupled to the motor.

Pump pressure and water flow can be adjusted through the by-pass regulator system. When the water pressure rises above normal, the command regulator interrupts the motor power transmission, therefore preventing any risks. The electric motor is also fuse protected.

Heating and wear are at minimum level in pumps with 1.5 lt oil reservoir. In this way, Rottest works non-stop and will never let you down.

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