Rottest Pressure Washer Review

Rottest Pressure Washer Review

About Rottest Pressure Washing Machine

Although many different companies and models compete in the pressure washing sector, Rottest Pressure Washing Machine is in a very unique position compared to its competitors in terms of quality and durability.

What makes Rottest so different from all the other brands that are in the industry?

Why Is Rottest Pressure Washer Different?

Rottest Pressure Washing Machine products are distinguished from their competitors with their durability, efficiency and quality. What makes Rottest so different and high quality is its pump. The pump, which is the heart and the most important part of the device in pressurized machines, must be resistant to continuous load because it operates continuously. Otherwise, especially in professional use, the device will continuously fail and cause serious maintenance costs.

Rottest offers maximum service and minimum downtime even under the most severe service conditions with its durable pump with 1.5 lt oil reservoir. This way, it becomes the most advantageous option in the long run.

For more detailed information about Rottest’s perfect pump system, you can visit our Rottest Pump page.

Thanks to the Rottest Pump directly coupled to the engine, the device works without stopping or heating.
Thanks to the Rottest Pump directly coupled to the engine, the device works without stopping without heating.

In addition, the quality and workmanship level of all parts used in Rottest machines are at the maximum level. Thanks to its 30 years of experience, Rottest Pressure Washing Machine products are at a very different technological level than their counterparts.

Rottest machines operate at a very high performance level in both the car wash sector and industrial use.

The Advantages of Rottest

Apart from high performance pumps, Rottest machines have many different advantages arising from both production and design.

In addition to the most robust pumps on the market, Rottest pressure washers use IE2 standard energy efficient motors.

If the water flow and pressure decrease, the system is automatically stopped. This will act as a fuse to protect the system in case of a sudden interruption in the external source or a pressure change caused by any malfunction in the device.

Rottest Pressure Washer
Rottest Pressure WasherRottest Pressure Washing Machine products work without heating and wearing even under the most severe conditions.

Moreover, when the water pressure rises above normal, the command regulator interrupts the engine power transmission and prevents dangers. In addition, the electric motor is fuse protected.

Rottest models are equipped with chemical / foam spraying feature and adjustabble chemical mixture dosage injector.

Also, trigger models have Total Stop feature. This special feature makes the device safer to use. 12m high pressure hose is also offered as standard in Rottest machines.

Rottest Pressure Washing Machine Models

Rottest machines are generally produced in three categories: cold, hot, cold and sahara type.

Cold pressure washers send directly to the nozzle without heating the external source.

Hot and cold models, on the other hand, have the capacity to heat spring water from 30 degrees to 140 degrees. Hot-cold models have the following advantages over cold models:

  • More hygienic cleaning results,
  • Lesser use of detergent,
  • Shorter drying time,
  • Less time spent on cleaning.

Hot and cold models are produced with diesel or heating.

Rottest Hot & Cold Pressure Washer
Rottest Hot & Cold Pressure Washer

Field-type models, on the other hand, enable cleaning effortlessly even in working environments where there is no electricity.

Sahara (field) type pressure washer models are produced with cold water at 200 bar normal and high flow rate.

Sahara (field) type pressure washing machine

Rottest modelleri ile ilgili daha detaylı bilgi almak için, dilerseniz Sanayi Tipi Basınçlı Yıkama Makinası ürünleri sayfamızı ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

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