The Rottest Pump

The Rottest Pump

Rottest Pump Features

Rottest Pump is Unique

Rottest pump is the best quality pump product in the sector with its unique material technology and production quality.

Rottest designs and manufactures the longest running pump in the pressure washers industry. This is made possible mainly by the largest oil reservoir of the market with 1.5 liters, minimizing the wear caused by heat and friction.

The durability of the pump is very important in pressure washing machines. It is the most important part of the pressure washer, and therefore the most malfunctioning part in these continuously operating machines.

Therefore, the durability and life of the pump has a critical importance on the service life of the machine.

The high pressure pump is directly coupled to the engine. Pump pressure and water flow can be adjusted through the by-pass regulator system.

When the water pressure rises above the standard levels, the command regulator immediately interrupts the motor power transmission, preventing any risk of damage to the motor. Additionally, the electric motor is fuse protected.

While producing Rottest pumps, ceramic pistons are used instead of stainless steel equivalents. With the fully ceramic pistons, abrasion is prevented and the pump life is extended. In addition, it is possible to adjust pressure and flow through the crankshaft.

Rottest Pump
Highly efficient and robust, the Rottest Pump

Ceramic Pistons Are Used While Producing Rottest Pumps

Material technology has a major share in pump durability. In the production of Rottest pumps, ceramic pistons are used instead of steel. This is a very important feature that distinguishes Rottest pump from its equivalents.

Thanks to the fully ceramic pistons, abrasion caused by friction is reduced. It has a much longer life compared to ceramic coated or stainless steel pistons on the market.

The picture shows the ceramic piston and its internal structure.

Ceramic material; as is known, is much more resistant to both heat and wear than steel material. Ceramic pistons will be used much longer than their steel counterparts in the market and will provide long life even under heavier pressure and service conditions.

Rottest Pump Has Galvanized Barrel

Reducing the rate of wear of the casing in pump use will also have a significant effect on the service life. Rottest R&D team equipped the pump with 3 galvanized cylindrical barrels in order to protect the Rottest Pump body against abrasion, as a result of many years of studies and simulations.

3 galvanized cylindrical barrels minimize the wear.

This feature also protects the body against wear in the long term.

Thanks to its 1.5-liter oil reservoir, ceramic pistons and galvanized cylindrical barrel structure, Rottest Pump continues to serve for many years even in the most severe conditions and after 24 hours of use with its excellent durability.

Oil chamber size is also an important factor on warming and wear. In the design of Rottest, a 1.5-liter high-capacity reservoir was used and it was aimed to reduce the wear rate to a minimum.

In this way, Rottest Pressure Washing machines continue to serve for many years without any performance degradation.

Rottest constantly tests new materials with its experienced R & D team and continues its development work without interruption.

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