Car Washing and Detailing Industry

Car Washing

The car wash sector is one of the industries where pressure washers are most commonly used. Rottest pressure washers are highly preferred in this industry. Products under Rottest’s brand have been developed specifically for car washers. Start cleaning as soon as possible with hot and cold water, triggerless models.

Why Should You Prefer Rottest Pressure Washing Machines?

We work harder every day to produce machines that our users can enjoy for years with trouble-free and high performance. We are determined to continue our understanding of quality within this framework. We continue to be unrivaled in pump design, an essential part of high pressure machinery. With 1.5 lt oil reservoir, ceramic pistons, pressure and flow adjusted from the crank, each Rottest pump will serve you for years without stopping and you will gain more. Therefore, the Rottest pump will never let you down.